Rewrite my music report

I want someone to rewrite my report because I wrote it from someone in this site, but it was a 93% of plagiarism and it was the higher present that my professor saw it!! 

He told me that I just copied from the internet, and he give a second chance to write it and fix it.

I want someone to rewrite my report as I do it and use his/her own word not take it and copy it from the internet.

 two weeks ago, I was in concert by the Baltimore Symphony and they played songs that I will put it. I want form you to write report for me as I write it from these songs and give  my opinion in the end.

this is the instruction and you will get all info from it :


please follow it.

this is a page has the name of the songs :


this is also example from student that he or she wrote it :


the touter form this site wrote this report :


and these were his sources :


please I do not want a plagiarism in this report and You should write as I do. You may take info from the sources,but you have to do from own word not copy it.

Thank you

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