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Below is a piece of work I want you to rewrite ASAP. It should have the same meaning but should not be seen as similar as in wording and all that. Rewrite it Kindly … I want to talk about Hank Williams’ “Move It On Over”. This song is one of the earliest songs of Hank Williams that becomes popular. In general, the song is bright with happiness expressed through melody. With Hank’s pure but firmed voice, this song, to the other extreme, shows a harmonious and happy picture to the audience.

The instruments that being used in this song include guitar, mouth organ and a little bit drum. To me, I feel that this song is not a typical style of Hank Williams’; the overall tempo is relatively fast compared to his other songs. In addition, the song applies ostinato to repeat move it on over to emphasizes the title and express the feelings to the audience. Furthermore, call and response is used for several times at “Move it On Over” to, again, repeat move it on over. On the other hand, scyncopation is the highlight of the song to me because it makes the song unexpected due to accenting of a note or beat.

Among all the elements of the song, personally, I think that the tempo and voice make the song outstanding, especially the fast pace in tempo with low but light voice in the song. Syncopated rhythms usually change the tempo of the song in terms of forte (F) point and piano (P) point. On one hand, syncopated rhythms make the song filled with amabile and animato atmosphere, speeding the change of progress. On the other hand, by using guitar and mouth organ, it makes the melody vivid, while it is interesting that Hank’s voice is median, and brings steady feelings into the song. In this way, it makes the song mixed with a special balance between the tempo and lyrics.

Even though it is a country music song, it has the signal of 12 bar blues when compose the song, and this becomes the signal of rock and roll music later. Overall, the expression of the song is happy and vivid. Hank describes a daily life picture in the song by using acoustic guitar and high-pitched mouth organ as well as a little bit drum. I can definitely imagine at that time, young couples and the families start to dance at the party with this song since it has clear rhythm and memorable lyrics.

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