rhetorical analysis

write 3-4pages using the list of elements from your understanding of the J. Stiglitz piece on p.594 of our reader to make a rough draft rhetorical analysis. 

DO NOT WORRY too much about polished, perfect work.  only get as much usable, raw material out that you  possibly can. 

important note: use all the resources that you can for this project (not just this task).  e.g.  the “elements of analysis” list in BB “Content,” the sample rhetorical analysis paper in Bb “Content,” your M. Austin book (it has very helpful stuff on writing, analysis, ethos, pathos, logos, & more!!), the Internet (you can search/research to get the best possible understanding of rhetorical analysis as well as Stiglitz & his piece that we are using for this project, learn what you can about the author Stiglitz, & much more.  

only point being: study, reference, & use whatever means available to get your claws as deep into  your work & understanding that you possibly can. be proactive.

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