Risk Reduction Initiative Self-Assessment, writing assignment help

Review the self-assessment worksheet and complete with the instructions below.

Carefully consider all of the change leadership attributes. Score yourself on the change leadership attributes described on the worksheet. Keep in mind that this assessment is for your leadership of a community risk reduction initiative in your organization and/or community.

If you believe you are highly competent in an area score yourself a “4” or “5.” If you believe you are average in an area based on someone at your rank and tenure, score yourself a “3.” If you believe you are weak in an area and require more development or training in order to be effective, score yourself a “1” or “2.” Remember, you are not scoring yourself against another person. Your assessment should be of your ability to be an effective leader of a change initiative.

For each area you scored yourself a “3” or more, justify your answer based on your own experience. If you score a “2” or less in an area, determine personal action you can take to improve your ability in that area. It may be seek out training, participate on a leadership team, volunteer to coordinate a project, etc.

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