RSSS315 University of Arizona Interview With the Vampire Novel Discussion

at least 150 words

1) When the novel Interview With the Vampire was published in 1976, it was the first story about a vampire that was told from the vampire’s perspective. How does the story of Louis compare to that of other vampires in literature (Carmilla, Count Dracula, etc.)? Similarly, how does the story of Jackson’s Loup-Garou, told from the werewolf’s perspective, compare to other werewolf stories? Are these characters less monstrous when they explain their actions and motivations in their own words?

2) Compare the stories of the “modern” werewolves depicted in Loup-Garou and An American Werewolf in London to the monster from Slavic folklore. Do you believe the modern depiction of the werewolf evolved entirely from a Slavic origin? Or do you think that legends about shape-shifters exist, in one form or another, in a number of world cultures–and why?

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