Saint Leo Occupational Safety and Health

Joe Petersen works at a local automobile dealership. He is 57 years old and suffers from arthritis. His boss, Joann Demeter, has Joe working in the Shipping, Receiving, and Inventory section. This section of the dealership is quite small and much of the storage of bulk material is located off in another building, in an upstairs section, with low ceiling beams. The area has no climate control. Joe is repeatedly tasked to carry up to 300 cases of oil filters up the stairs to the storage area, in temperatures that often exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Joe finally tells Joann that he cannot carry such large numbers of items up to the overly hot area any more. He refuses because of the pain it causes his ankles, knees, and hips. He also states that the excessive heat is debilitating and he fears heat exhaustion or stroke. Ms. Demeter threatens to fire Joe. They both decide to go see the dealership manager with the HR representative present.

Provide an analysis of the case:

1. Discuss possibilities and address the areas of concern as seen from an HR perspective.

2. Answer the following questions:

·As the HR representative, what would you advise? Why?

·Are there any procedures you would instigate to improve the health of affected employees? Be specific.

Assignments should conform to the following criteria:

 All submissions should follow APA formatting.

 Margins should be 1” in all directions.

 Papers should be double-spaced and in a highly readable 12-point font (Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana are recommended). Headings may be larger.

 The paper must follow the academic research format (APA) and, unless otherwise specified, should include a brief abstract or executive summary that explains what the paper is about.

 Format for in-text citations and the Reference page should also follow APA style.

 At least 2 external credible academic resources should be included to substantiate the arguments and appropriately cited in text, as well as in the References section. WIKIPEDIA is not considered to be a credible academic resource and should not be utilized.

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