San Jose City College Business Attire and Personal Brand Discussion

1) Watch this quick video and spot the fake smile.

How did you do? Now look in the mirror: Can you see the difference between your Duchenne smile (think of something funny/happy as you do this!) and your fake smile? How can you work on turning your polite, fake smile into a Duchenne smile next time you’re out.

2) Go in your closet and put together an outfit for a job interview. Compare it to what you just learned about business attire? Are you committing any business fashion faux-pas? What do you need to sharpen up that outfit for the interview? Did you learn anything new that you didn’t know before?

3) Complete Personal Brand Worksheet found in this week’s module: What are your thoughts/feelings after completing this exercise? What is your personal brand statement? (No need to post the entire completed exercise, but do post your personal brand statement.)

How do you feel about the business attire in your closet after this week’s lesson? What needs to change?

How can you, personally, increase your likability factor?

4)Instructions: Complete both of the rewriting exercises and answer the questions below.


  1. Rewrite these sentences to make them more concise: (Links to an external site.)
  2. Simple language. Rewrite these sentences to reduce the complexity of the language: (Links to an external site.)


  • Was this an easy or difficult exercise for you? Explain why or why not?
  • Tell how each one is important in business communication.
  • Go through your email and find an email you wrote to your boss/professor. Analyze it. Was it brief and clear? If not, what could’ve been changed?

5) Instructions: Complete and submit each of the following exercises on writing brevity:

  1. Write a haiku
  2. Write a Tweet (280 characters) pitching a new company idea to a potential investor.
  3. Freewrite on any topic you like for 2 minutes, then halve the text. (Turn in both versions.)
  4. Simplify a Wikipedia paragraph. (Tell how many words before/after; turn in both versions.)

6) Give comments on these videos :

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