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The scientific management theory is an old theory that still to this day seems to drive the management team’s initiatives. This theory states “Humans are motivated by money, and there should be a separation between managers and the workers.” (Grand Canyon University, 2013). There are many instances where this can be applied within the healthcare setting. One such instance relates to the continual change of supplies, catheters, IV’s, skin creams etc. These items are constantly being switched to less expensive ones in an effort to lower cost. This sounds like an effective measure for the management team to execute, however, it is creates an unreliability, uncertainty, and in some cases can be a detriment to the patient as they may be less effective. The workers are those in the field being forced to utilize cheaper supplies without being consulted. This idea implies the workers are less intelligent and could not understand the big choices management must make that will impact their lives and the care they provide. Although there are instances where managerial decisions are still made in this way, there has been an increased recognition that floor nurses providing the care offer invaluable insight and possibly beneficial solutions to the issues facilities encounter. Within the facility in which I work, shared governance, unit based councils, and regular staff meetings are utilized to empower nurses and offer platforms to be heard. Nurses are recognized as educated mediators that facilitate communication for all members from patient, family, physician and multidisciplinary teams. Their experiences can be the beginning of a solution to a problem. “Participation in shared governance structures empowers bedside nurses by giving them opportunities to engage in decision making that affects their practice and leads to career advancement opportunities.” (Wheeler & Foster, 2013, p. 1).

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