SDSU Fake News and The Various Problems It Causes Essay

Want to stop fake news? Pay for the real thing Fake News is a Real Problem. Here’s How Students Can Solve It. The long and brutal history of fake news Why Stopping ‘Fake’ News Is So Hard Hello, this is my essay. It says review the 3 articles but it is 4. I have linked everything. Let me know if you have any questions

The final unit of our course focuses on fake news and the various problems it causes, and the texts we read proposed a few different ideas aimed at helping to slow its spread. Using the analytical and evaluative skills we’ve developed this semester, you will argue which of the three articles we read for this unit makes the best argument as to what should be done about fake news. Your paper should:

  • Introduce the topic of fake news as we’ve discussed it for this unit.
  • Briefly introduce each of the three articles and describe their main arguments about how to control the spread of fake news.
  • Make a case for which of the three texts presents the best argument based on the logic of the writer’s argument and how well they support their ideas.
  • Briefly address the other two texts and explain why their arguments are weaker than the one you chose.

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