Security, Risk Management, and Governance, writing homework help

Key Assignment

In this phase, you will complete one last section for your Key Assignment and then submit the final Key Assignment.

Key Assignment Section 5: Security, Risk Management, and Governance

The chief information officer (CIO) is very pleased with all of your efforts to adopt cloud-based services and wants to ensure the data is secure and that a strategy exists for maintaining the solution going forward. In the final section, cover the following:

  • Security threats in cloud-based solutions with risk management strategies
  • Governance principles for cloud-based solutions
  • Identify management opportunities in the cloud

Key Assignment Submission

The following sections should have all been submitted, which includes the work that you have accomplished in the past 5 phases. Your updated document should review the previous migration efforts, with any lessons learned or opportunities for improvement. Incorporate any feedback that you have received from you instructor and classmates in your final report. Your final report will have the following sections:

  • Section 1: Cloud Providers and Cost Savings Analysis
  • Section 2: SaaS and IDaaS Plan
  • Section 3: SOA and PaaS for Supply Chain
  • Section 4: IaaS Provider Analysis
  • Section 5: Security, Risk Management, and Governance

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