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In class you will be expected to respond to the prompt below with 3-4 well-developed paragraphs. You may bring a hard copy of a bulleted list of notes or an outline. You also may bring hard copy of any relevant human rights documents.

You are being interviewed for a summer internship with the UN High Commission for Human Rights. The panel has asked you the following question regarding your knowledge about global human rights:

Which two of the following global human rights issues – genocide, torture, women’s rights, or children’s rights – would you argue are the most significant for the future direction/work of the UN High Commission for Human Rights, and why? Please include in your response specific aspects or details of the selected issue areas. As a follow-up, what specific proposals and/or solutions would you suggest to address the issues that you have identified?

Please keep in mind that you want to impress the panel with your knowledge of relevant international agreements (covenants, conventions, etc.) and current conditions/situations vis-à-vis each issue. Therefore, the appropriate international human rights agreements should be used in a detailed and explicit manner.

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