Sherrice Iverson Case Analysis

I’ll refer to term papers as a case analysis. (Not a Case Brief). For us, a case analysis is a condensation of the important elements of an event, a case/incident, case law, etc.. For this case, topics should be related to (Legal precedent) case law that has impacted policing.

You can select virtually any incident or case you’d like or I can assign you one. There will be sample papers available and the “Recommended Reading” may give you some ideas for your case. Here are some points to consider:

Specifics on Case Analysis:

  • The topic must be related to the course (Legal case, such as Miranda v. Arizona) The Outline submission should help clarify that as I’ll let you know if the topic is off course.
  • Give an initial overview of the case – like an abstract. This is a brief synopsis of the specific topic of your paper.
  • The body of the case
  • Lessons learned
  • Impact on policing
  • A conclusion
  • Lastly, include what you thought about the case/event.
  • The paper should be computer generated, double-spaced, with correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.
  • The Term Paper will be submitted via VeriCite in Canvas.
  • It must be a minimum of 3-5 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman Font, Size 12.
  • Minimum word count: 1200 without title/heading/references
  • Use the in-text citation format and references section correctly
  • In-Text citations are to be used and be properly formatted, using the APA format.
  • Points may be deducted for failure to follow the designated format and instructions. This can include improper formatting, lack of a cover page, not using “In-text” citations, not using a reference page or not using it correctly.
  • Spelling and grammar must be at college level writing levels. Poorly written papers with grammatical and spelling errors may result in a lower grade. Students should make every effort to “edit” their paper and run a “Spellcheck” prior to submission.
  • Please review your paper before submitting. You can lose points for poor structure, grammar or spelling.
  • ALL papers are submitted through VeriCite® which will highlight plagiarism. This is a serious issue and may result in an “F” for the assignment.
  • Note that Safe Assign does highlight suspected “cut and paste” efforts by comparing prior papers from a large database)

Citations and References: (Note: this is an important part of your grade. The higher you go in school, the more you should be able to write research papers with this format.)

You must include a reference page with the following – at least:

    • One (1) citation from your text,
    • Two (2) from another book, journal or professional article,
    • Two (2) from the internet. (Web articles)

Note: Wikipedia or similar generic sites are not “research” and should not be cited as original sources.

    • That’s five (5) REQUIRED citations. They must be cited correctly and we use the APA format, not MLA format. APA is the American Psychological Association. MLA is the Modern Language Association. Social sciences use APA, which is why we’re using them. Want to read that again?
    • Please submit files only as: DOC, DOCX, RTF or TXT not WPS, Mac or Works files.
    • All papers are submitted through “VeriCite” which is a program to identify source materials found on the internet, including papers from other students or other references. A “high” percentage reading may be interpreted to mean that the paper submitted has a high potential for using plagiarized content. This can result in either a failed score for that assignment or a reduced score.

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