short paper with reading material

there is a 50pages reading material named represent and destroy, write paper after reading. here is some notes and the requirement i already upload under here.

short paper NOTE:

First of all, just a reminder that since you’re to summarize the text into your own words, quotations of the text should be minimal. You should mainly employ paraphrasing (putting Melamed’s argument into your own words).

Citations: Although the majority of your essay will not be your ideas (they’ll be Melamed’s), to keep from your entire essay being citations, cite only when you’re transitioning to a new topic or are paraphrasing something from various pages.

Lastly, as reflected in the rubric, my focus will be on the definitions of the core concepts and whether you’re making appeals to your audience. (Grammar and citations are both secondary). So don’t sweat the smaller things too much and focus more on engaging the core concepts. (That being said, I do not expect that your essays will be able to cover everything Melamed covers in 50 pages.)

please make sure that complete read the material.

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