Short writing

I’m studying in Biology class and I have to do the SERVICE PROJECT that volunteer 8 hours at

Actually, I just need to come over there, take the dogs out, let them go to the restroom, play with them.

Now, I have to do a short paper, i want to do it like 4 pages double space:

1.  Write a short paper that covers the basic requirements of a college paper (Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How information).  DO NOT USE AS TITLES OF SECTIONS.   The paper should:

a.  Explain (defend), with research, how the project that you participated in helped to improve the environment, ecosystem, conservation efforts, etc (1-2 paragraphs)

b.  1-2 paragraphs discussing the sponsoring organization (what does the organization do? What is its mission statement?  Is it a non-profit or government agency?)

c.  1-2 paragraphs describing the activity (or activities), you participated in

d.  1-2 paragraphs of how your service helped the world or community) to be a better place

e.  At least one paragraph of what you learned from doing this work. 

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