Should the Internet be treated like the Print or Broadcasting Media for Legal Purposes?, homework help

Answer the following question in a short essay–no more than three double-spaced pages, Times New Roman, font size 12. A premium will be placed on your essay’s organization and writing quality. We do not expect you to do any research beyond the readings for this class. (No research beyond the notes i uploaded!!)

Question: Should the Internet be treated, for legal purposes, like the print media or broadcasting?

Your essay should:

a)argue a specific position (yes, it should be treated like one or the other, or no it shouldn’t);

b)note the reasons why current law treats these three media technologies differently; and

c)support your position with some references to specific laws that do treat different forms of media differently (that is, laws that apply to one medium but not necessarily others).

I have uploaded few notes that u need. Just write this short essay according to the notes.

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