SIS206 American University Quality of Governance SPSS Data Base Project

I have posted a data base called Quality of Governance and its respective code book on Blackboard to be used with this project. Complete parts 1 and 2.

  • Be transparent with your reader. Examine the code book carefully and identify three variables you think might be useful regarding your research question topic. Answer these questions:
  • Use SPSS to generate key statistics and graphs for each of your chosen variables.
  • What is the original bibliographic source for each of the three interval or ratio-level variables you are interested in? That is, where did the variable(s) come from? What original source?
  • How is each variable operationalized? How do they measure what they purport to measure? What do high and low values for the variables pertain to exactly? What year do the data reference?
  • Thinking about your research topic, which of the three variables you’ve chosen might be a good dependent variable? Why do you think that?
  • Specifically, generate a table of statistics for the mean, median, and standard deviation values for the variables. Provide an analysis of the mean and median values.
  • Generate a histogram for each of the three variables. Describe the story revealed by the data in the histograms. That is, do like we have done in class and identify what the data reveal in the stacks of data in the histogram. What is the mode value? What do the findings say about your designated dependent variable?

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