site visit report

Site Visit Report Assignment Writing Suggestions 3-page written report of your site visit. Double-spaced. You don’t need endnotes or a bibliography for this one. Please write about a site visit you experienced during this quarter, not a temple you visited last summer in Asia, etc. What should you write about? Here are a few writing prompts to get you going: What were your expectations going in to this site? How were those expectations met or not? What surprised you? If you visited a temple, what sort of practices did you encounter? What sort of images, sounds, feelings, moods, etc. did you encounter? What was your personal reaction to the religious phenomena you encountered during your visit? What was it like to interact with people in the community, people of faith within said tradition? How did your experience relate to the things you have studied in class (ie. lectures/films/readings/section)? What was it like to interact with a modern living Asian religious tradition/community? How does this relate to the course material? These are just suggestions to get the writing process flowing. You needn’t feel bound by them at all. The function of this assignment is primarily for you to reflect on your own experience engaging with Asian religious tradition(s). Feel free to express that experience in any way you like (within 3-pages). Lastly, it is recommended that you call or check its website to make sure to maximize your experience (observe ritual, interview people, etc.). Some Websites for site information: Hindu Temple in Bothell: Hindu temple in Bellevue: Nithyananda Vedic Temple in Redmon: Vedanta Society in Capitol Hill: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Buddhist Temples, Seattle WA: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Van Hoa Pagoda (Chua Van Hoa). 1 (in Vietnamese). 1038 4th AVE SW Seattle, WA 98146 Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism, 108 NW 83rd Street, Seattle, WA 9811; Tel: (206) 789-2573;; Links to an external site. Gold Summit Monastery: Seattle Koyasan Buddhist Temple: Links to an external site. Shinto shrine in WA: Links to an external site. Seattle Art Museum and Seattle Asian Art Museum Links to an external site. Any other appropriate site of your choice

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