Soapbox Speech for the class 2 to 4 minutes

Time Limit: 2-4 minutes

Below are the guidelines for you to create a Soapbox for this class. This is just what it sounds like — it is where you get on your “soapbox” and discuss an issue that has aggravated you to no end or even something that you find delightful. Please be creative and enjoy!

Both your topic and attention grabber should be appropriate to the audience and free of insensitive or inflammatory comments about any gender, religious group, political party or individuals. In other words, it should adhere to all the ethical standards and responsibilities outline.

For the Introduction, think of something creative to grab the attention of the audience and let your audience know what issue you will be discussing.

For the Body, give us the background and reasons for why you choose this subject to speak about. Why does the issue annoy you and why are you on a “soapbox.” At the end of the Body, offer a possible solution or what you might do to correct or lessen the annoyances with the issue. You can go on a rant as long as you offer a possible solution to the problem.

The last aspect is the Conclusion. This is where you wrap it up to signal to your audience that you are ending. Briefly recap your issue and reiterate your solution. End your soapbox memorably. Never leave the audience hanging.

Possible pet peeves: People who go through the “10 Items Only” line at the grocery store with a full cart of goods; people who do not pick up after their dogs when they poop on your lawn; the people who, when asked how they are doing, dominate your time with a 30-minute complaint session on their aches and pains; when the trash collectors leave your containers in the middle of the road to get hit by other cars; litter bugs, including those who toss their cigarette butts out car windows; “friends” who only call when they want something like a personal favor or to borrow an item from you; those who do not cover their mouths when they sneeze or who chew with their mouths open…. I am sure you can think of many more!!!!

There is nothing to say that you can’t do a soapbox speech on the positive things you LIKE about people, places or things, either.

See some example the professor gave us:

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