Social Justice and Gentrification Discussion

Reflection Papers should be more formal in tone than blogs, and should demonstrate you are engaging with course themes and ideas. Good strategies include applying course content to new contexts, considering “blind spots” in how we (or course authors) have thought about a topic, or engaging in arguments about how to best think about, or solve, course problems. Quotes from readings are always encouraged, as is getting creative!

You are free to complete your response using your preferred writing application, but please upload it here as a Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) file.

2 pages double-spaced (about 600-650 words).


1. How would you define social justice? How would you apply this to cities?

2. What lessons can we learn today from the history of urban decay, or from its depiction in popular culture? (If you like, you can focus your essay on further analyzing your chosen film from Blog 2!)

3. How have your experiences on the BeltLine Tour, Opening Workshop, and/or class so far changed how you think about cities, or about where you grew up?

**This question I can answer at the end myself. Still write a conclusion however

4. Do you agree with David Harvey’s idea of the “Right to the City?” Why or why not?

5. What is the “Rent Gap,” and why does it matter?

The Right to the City

Rent Gap section

The Warriors

try to add some breakdown of this film

Use some of these words in essay

Urbanization, Social Justice, Infrastructure, New Urbanism, Displacement, Redlining,Interstates, White Flight, Deindustrialization, Disinvestment, Inner City, Urban Renewal


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