Socio Technological Transformation of Television in US Paper

In this course, we have studied different aspects of the television Industry in the U.S. We have looked at and problematized different models of how TV is organized, its relationship to citizenship, Advertising, production and labor practices, TV and the constructions of space, and its transform online to streaming sites that includes contemporary practices of second screening and live streaming. Given this breadth, we have discussed many different ways in which TV has evolved from early mid-twentieth century broadcasting to platforms like Netflix and Hulu in the twenty-first century. The main thrust for the final paper is to choose a particular concept, idea, or relationship from the readings to answer a simple but complex question:

“What is the cultural and political significance of the socio-technological transformation of television from broadcasting to streaming and why is it important for us to understand today?”

The final paper should be well-written, grammatically correct, a minimum of six pages (Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced, 1 inch margins) and draw from at leastseven different readings from the course. The paper should have a clear thesis statement that articulates an argument addressing the prompt above. The paper should use terms, concepts, and examples drawn from the reading followed by clear explanations of them and use proper MLA or APA in-text citations. A properly formatted work cited page should also be included (not included in page count) . All papers must be uploaded to the Turnitin Assignment on TritonED

Concepts you may find helpful to create your analysis include, but are not limited to:

Public sphere Liveness

Market model Nationalism

Media effects theories Public vs. private

Citizenship Individual vs. collective

Production practices Social and political fragmentation

The construction of space Lean back vs. lean forward

TV as an object Etc.

Some concepts may work well together to make an argument. However, the paper should make sure that each concept is addressed equally and addresses the paper’s thesis.

An “A” paper is a grammatically clean, well-written paper, that presents a clear argument with examples rather than simply reading summaries. An “A” paper will demonstrate a unique understanding of the breadth of the course material and an ability to construct an imaginative and well supported argument.

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