Song Journal Entry

Devote 100 words to each song, for a total of 300 words.

Your writing should be succinct and to the point, free of idle words and expressions. Avoid colloquialisms and grandiose wording, but do not be rigid. Do not use citations; just write in your own words–Please, do use such an already small word count to cite songs’ lyrics. You may emphasize a couple of words, but do not write entire lines and stanzas. I want to read your thoughts, not the lyrics. Or, if you do need to include lyrics, then write a longer log.

**The most efficient way is to state the song title above, and write a clear paragraph of your impressions, song’s background, and possibly some music analysis. **

The 3 songs you will be listening to are

The Beatles- Yesterday (live at candlestick Park)

The Beatles- tomorrow never knows

The Beatles- Seargent pepper’s lonely hearts club band

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