Sound and Fallacious Arguments

The type of argument are given, please give gave good explanations. You can look at the Power Point i gave.

1.  A robin is a bird. A bird is an animal with wings and feathers. Therefore a robin is an animal with wings and feathers.

Deductive reasoning –.

 2. All the houses I have seen on Martino Street are box-shaped. Therefore I can say, “All houses on Martino Street are box-shaped.

Hasty Generalization –

 3. The Quintinilla family just moved here from El Salvador. All the Salvadorans I know are really good cooks. Therefore the Quintinilla family must be really good cooks.

Inductive reasoning –

 4. Every light bulb I tested from the new package was burned out.  Therefore the package must have contained faulty light bulbs.

Post Hoc –

 6. I saw on the news that the authorities caught tem illegal aliens crossing the Mexican US border. All Mexicans must have come here illegally.

Faulty reasoning or Prejudice&Stereotypes.

 8. My mother always gets upset over inconsequential issues. Therefore women are over-sensitive and emotional.

Faulty reasoning-Hasty Generalization.

 9. Many students got sick after the class party. The outbreak of food poisoning was probably caused by the potato salad.

Faulty reasoning-Non Sequiter.

 10. My boyfriends have never shown any interest in my feelings. Men are pigs.

Faulty reasoning- Prejudice&Stereotypes.

 11. Every triangle has three sides. The figure I just drew has three sides. The figure is a triangle.

Deductive reasoning-

 12. My aunt was robbed by a black man and so was my cousin. I think black men are scary and I better stay away from them.

Faulty reasoning- Hasty Generalization.

 13. Most chemistry students do not get an A. Chemistry is very hard. 

Inductive Reasoning-

 14. Our schools are failing us! Half the math students are below average.

Faulty reasoning- Faulty Statistics.

 15. California residents are citizens of the United States.

Inductive Reasoning-

 16. When I prepare thoroughly for my chemistry exam, I do very well. I have prepared thoroughly. I will do well on my exam.

Deductive reasoning

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