SPCH1315 Press Secretary Sean Spicer

  • INSTRUCTIONS:1. Read the statement from Press Secretary Sean Spicer from the White House inagurual Meeting (Distributed in class or available for download in the OLA box). 2. In a word document upload-at LEAST 3 ideas to help reformulate this speech to make it more persuasive. At LEAST one of those must include a factual claim-You must include at LEAST one outside source you cite to back up any statistics or factual claims you make. ALL factual claims must have a citation to back up where it came from-Point out at LEAST 3 factual inaccuracies from Sean Spicer’s statement. Cite evidence proving those are factual inaccuraciesTHIS ASSIGNMENT WILL BE 10 of the 25 points assigned to your performance for In Class Activity #1. The other points you receive will be based on your group work.Make sure to bring these items with you to class so you can participate in your group and class discussion

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