Speech108 GCC Intercultural Competency

You will learn more about intercultural communication if you apply your knowledge to what you see and do in the world. To do so, you must apply the text and lecture material to your own experiences and thought processes in a series of brief essay assignments. These 3 – 4 page essays are focused on analyzing intercultural communication by applying theoretical ideas to actual communication situations and behaviors you have experienced or witnessed. These are not interviews or research papers, but cite your references to text or lecture definitions and/or any information not coming from your own brain. Be a social scientist. The objective in these assignments is to show your understanding of the course materials (in theoretical constructs) as they reveal themselves in your life through observations and experiences.


:In your introduction, give me some background about the culture members you’ve observed (how you know them), then end with a thesis previewing your analysis points. In each paragraph, (1) define/explain the theoretical ideas you’ll be using as the basis of your analysis, then (2) apply and analyze these constructs as you describe the culture members’ communication which you’ve observed, then (3)give your interpretations regarding what you think you have learned about that culture. Wrap up the paper with a short conclusion which addresses the usefulness of the information you’ve discovered. How might your discoveries change how you interact with others in the future?

– The file I uploaded is an example of the format of the essay. It is on a different topic but she likes the essays to be opinionated but backed up with evidence and definition from the textbook.

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