standard deviations

Using the repeated measures data collected in class (and available in the Lab 6 folder in the Resources tab) write an APA style research report consisting of the following sections:

Abstract: a brief (100 to 300 word) description of the study.

Results section with means, standard deviations for each of three attractiveness ratings and the results of three paired samples t-tests (one for each of these dependent variables).

Discussion section in which you summarize the results in light of existing literature (namely Elliot and Niesta, 2008 and at least one additional, related research paper) and discuss why we got the results we got; cover potential limitations of our study and ways future studies could address the limitations; and describe what our results mean outside of this experiment (the “real-world” implications).

References page with complete citations.

Be sure to follow APA style. Refer, as always, to the sample APA paper in Isidore

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