Strayer University Week 7 Discussions English, Business and History

ENG 315: Professional Communications:

“Now Presenting…”

  1. Think about a situation in which a presenter had a significant impact on you. Describe the situation and analyze why the presenter was able to make such a strong connection with the audience.
  2. Complete the following sentence and the explain your answer: “The most important thing I would tell a future ENG 315 student about presenting is…”

BUS 437: Project Procurement Management:

“Procurement.” One way to empower buyer and seller organizations to approve all project transactions is to include a caveat that lawyers from both sides must agree on a set of terms and conditions.

  • What are some other ways to accomplish this?

  • HIS 104: American History to 1865
  • Since our webtext focuses solely on slavery and the western South (there is more to the South than this!) you will need to also use my websites in the Instructor’s Insights and the webtext. Feel free to add any supplemental resources (cite your source!).Now, choose one of the two below to discuss:
    • Look at three classes of people in the Old South (not today’s South). Examples: slaves, poor, rich. Compare and contrast each class. Are there other classes as well?
    • Look at three regions in the Old South. Example: New Orleans (which the webtext covers well) and Charleston (which your webtext leaves out) or coastal and mountain or piedmont areas or Upper South and Deep South. Compare and contrast these areas.

    Now, are these regions/peoples still with us today? Explain.

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