Strict Measures on Videogames Advocacy Project

this is the final draft of the AP assignment.

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As the feedback given, for the AP draft 1 there should be some about the ESRB, please do some research about the ESRB, here is the link, and use it in this paper.

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  1. To have strict measures on the videogames available to each population based on the level of competition such as for children games videogame character to be exclusive of equal ‘age.’ Gender-based sports can also be emphasized to reduce anxiety.

Feedback from the professor (this solution seems much more feasible given the way the ESRB has regulated games based on their age-appropriateness.

In some ways, this advocacy solution and your others suffers from being too broad. In some ways, this is more of an aspiration than a concrete advocacy solution. How can you take this solution from an aspiration into something actionable? The goal moving forward is to think of strategies and tactics that would allow you to accomplish this goal.

As I explained in the introductory video to the AP, in some ways this assignment is another history/research paper. Instead of coming up with some advocacy solution that nobody has considered, your goal is to research strategies and tactics that exist and ARGUE for why they work the best and address some of their roadblocks/limitations.)

Emphasis on videogame as team-based experiences over an individual based. In other types of games in the real world, the players often play as a team and with a coach who offers training on the comprehensive experience to the game. This will make gamers relax and reduce anxiety.

Feedback from the professor(I’m not convinced that this is the strongest and most research-able solution you’ve presented here. In some ways, this solution operates under the assumption that team-based games lack aggression. However, research into eSports and other MMORPG games do indicate a high level of aggression amongst players.)

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