?Style Memo Essay

Style Memo: (3-4 pages)

As previously indicated, this is a rigorous, first-person (i.e., you’re writing about what YOU wrote, so you must use “I”) analysis of Steinbeck’s style and your imitative choices.

This is meant to show that you are reading closely and making conscious CHOICES in terms of style (not content!). It is ALSO meant, just as importantly, to prepare you for your critical essay: you will be practicing some important academic essay writing skills, as below.

To that end, it is AS IMPORTANT in my evaluation as the vignette itself. Do not ignore this assignment!

  • This is in MLA essay format. Including parenthetical citations, as well as include a works cited.
  • Use a clear, complex thesis and organized, cohesive paragraphs with clear transitions.
  • Quote directly from both Steinbeck AND your own writing, and analyze those quotes in detail.
  • You should likely structure the piece based on the main style choices you noticed and then imitated (e.g., a paragraph on Steinbeck’s use of imagery, one on his paragraph length, one on the overall structure, one on his sentences, etc.). Consider which style choices should come first — don’t just randomly order them.

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