Suicide and Depression in Older Adults Daily Journal Research Process

Create a daily journal to record the research process

  • In the journal, post the “things known” about the research topic
  • In the journal, post questions about the research topic
  • Create a plan to research the topic
  • In this discussion topic, you will create a daily journal to collect information on research about the topic, share the research topic, and develop a research plan. Post the first entry of your research journal. This discussion topic is designed to help you pre-write, to identify, and to develop a plan for the research narrative.

    2. Develop a short summary paragraph that gives the audience a brief tour of the topic or introduces the audience to the topic.

    3. As you reflect further on the topic, try to identify a time where your ideas about that topic were altered, expanded, or challenged by the ongoing research and writing that you were doing.

    4. In a paragraph, describe that time to your readers. Remember to include references to anything that helped to spark any alteration in your perception of the topic, including sources, conversations, and notes.

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