Table of Job Listings Team Expenses

Part A

Do Project 2E Table of Job Listings that begins on page 263 of your textbook (Picture is in the attatchments). Submit the document by clicking the Attachments button to attach the file. Do not paste the document in the Message area.

You will need to download and use the following file to complete this project:

New Jobs Announcement

In addition to the assignment file, answer the following question with your submission. This can be answered directly in your Submission comment area, or as a separate Word attachment file:

In this Week’s reading and prep work, you learned about templates in Word. Think about some examples of where creating a template in Microsoft Word might be useful. How could you either envision yourself benefitting from a template, or how someone in a position in an office that deals with creating a particular document type or form on a regular basis might use a template? Please look to answer this in at least 3 complete sentences in order to address it adequately.

Florida Port Community College Career Center has new jobs available for both part-time and full-time positions in Computer Science. Some of these jobs are temporary, some are for a specific project with a defined beginning and ending date, and some are open-ended with the potential for permanent employment. The following jobs were posted in the past week. These listings are just in, so apply now to be one of the first candidates considered!

For further information about any of these new jobs, or a complete listing of jobs that are available through the Career Center, please call Mary Walker-Huelsman at (727) 555-0030 or visit our website at

To help prepare yourself before applying for these jobs, we recommend that you review the following articles on our website at

Part B


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