take a case based on the bureaucracy model

find case study and analyse it based on books reading

1- First take a case based on the bureaucracy model.

2- describe the instituation and what is the problem there.( i think you can use university of california or if you find another good example.

3- connect it with your books.

4- you have 4 books to connect it with the case study

5- You will be required to complete four (4) 4-5-page reflections on you will use the frame/theories from the books and apply them to some facet, dynamic, issue or problem that you are seeing in your own organization.

6- You should describe the issue observed and then offer your interpretation of what is happening and why, based upon the perspectives/frames from the readings. Your 4 reflections are centered on: Structural/Bureaucratic frames; This is both a way for me to gauge your level of understanding, and a way for you to begin the process of active reflection and meaning-making. As higher education professionals, engaging in regular active reflection about our work, our students, our campuses is one mechanism for professional growth and development. These reflections offer you a way to connect theory to practice in a more formal and structured way.

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