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The issue of teacher diversity is one that has stemmed from a long standing system that does not place value on educators but uses education as the key tool to access a greater education. After the passing of Brown v. Board the pipeline of minority educators to public school system was severed. The article, “The nation’s teacher force lacks diversity, and it might not get much better,” speaks directly to the issues that are a manifestation of the lack of diversity in the teacher workforce although the student population has shifted dramatically to a minority student population. The implications of Black and Brown students not having exposure to teachers who look and have similar life experiences as them is a direct implication to the recruitment and the creation of a future pipeline for teachers of color to the educational workforce. The expectation that minority students will become our future teachers is non- existent because there a few physical examples of people who are from their same background occupying those roles. Additionally, when the teacher workforce is not compensated in the same way as their peers with similar educational credentials becoming a teacher for students of color is not a realistic expectation.  Moving forward, school districts priority need to be centered on recruiting and retaining teachers of color as a way to ensure they are meeting the needs of all there students by providing them with access to a diverse and inclusive educator workforce.


Upon reading the article The nation’s teacher force lacks diversity, and it might not get much better. (2016), I first considered that one of the reasons for a shortage of diverse teachers may be because the pool of teachers starts in the classroom with students who often have a poor overall educational experience. That experience is borne out in the data from the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (2014), Black students are expelled three times more than white students and Black students made up 48 percent of preschoolers given out-of-school suspensions. And black girls, who historically have filled teaching ranks, were suspended more than all other girls and most boys, according to the report. These experiences may deter many of them from considering teaching as a career.

By contrast, research byIngersoll, R., & May, H. (2011), revealed that while recruitment may be an issue in discovering highly qualified black teachers, retention may be an even bigger problem in increasing the number of black and minority teachers. According to the study, schools have made great strides in locating and recruiting black teachers, who don’t shy away from working in high-poverty, high-minority, urban neighborhoods. However, keeping them has been an enormous problem. The report says it is the lack of organization and not school conditions that drive these teachers away. According to the report, a low level of “collective faculty decision-making influence and the degree of individual classroom autonomy” was a major reason for teacher turnover.Ingersoll, R., & May, H., said these conditions were more responsible for the loss of teachers than salary or lack of other class resources. The study says that little research has been done on the exit end of the recruiting cycle. 


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