Teaching Composition Article Essay

Summary of assignment

  • Task: The response essay asks you to examine two articles and discuss your reactions to them.The essay will not incorporate other source material other than the articles to which you are responding.
  • Length:700-1000 words
  • Format:APA
  • Sources:two sources, which are the articles to which you are responding

Articles to select from to respond to

In this essay, you will write a personal response to the following pair of articles.Both articles are available in the e-reserves section of your WRTG 291 class in LEO.

  • Teller, J. R. (2016). Are we teaching composition all wrong? The Chronicle of Higher Education, Retrieved from http://www.chronicle.com/
  • Stewart, E.M. (2016).No, we’re not teaching composition ‘all wrong.’The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from http://www.chronicle.com/

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