Technical Analysis

Use the same image from the last two week’s posts: I’ve attached them, please find them and use one of them. You will find 3 names with their website and the photo I’ve selected for each one, please make sure to use one of them thank you.

1. Write out a detailed reconstruction of the artist’s or designer’s creation using words as specifically as possible, explaining how the artist/designer has created the project using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

2. Make sure that the list is in chronological order.

3. It should indicate which specific tools and routines are used in the creation of the project.

4. Each tool should be specifically located (panel, menu, toolbar?).

5. Give some some sort of advice or tip on how to use the tool.

(The final result should read like a “how to…” for someone following a recipe. _

2. Upload a “saved for web” version of your image again to this post so your peers can see your image.

In Photoshop, before uploading, make sure to save for web and devices (file > export > save for web and devices). The image should be no larger than 700px. Once ready to upload, upload image directly into the body of your response rather than as an attachment.

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