technology paper, 3 pages, single spaced, 11

You will work individually. The paper must have a title page, main content, and references. The paper should be single-column, 1 inch margins, 11-point size, and single-spaced. The paper should be at most 3 pages, excluding references and well-marked appendices.

The paper will be worth max up to 5% of total grade (100%).

Select one topic from the following list.

Cloud Computing
Mobile Technologies
Big Data Analytics
Internet of Things
Smart Cities

For survey papers, the main content may include the following:

  • Discuss the background (history)
  • Discuss the current status of technology with specific techniques and trends. Provide examples.
  • Discuss the applications of the technology.
  • Discuss the challenges in adopting the technology
  • List all the citations referenced in your paper.

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