Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang, writing homework help

Using picture books is an excellent way to reinforce math and science skills. It can be used to introduce a concept or reinforce a specific skill being studied. Either way, it opens the door for wonderful literacy explorations. For this next activity you will research various children’s literature books and look for those that reinforce math and/or science concepts. You are to list 15 children’s literature books and provide a short synopsis of the book and the math or science concept it would reinforce. Upon completion, place your list in the assignment accordingly. An example might look like:

Ten, Nine, Eight by Molly Bang is a counting book with each page focusing on a set of objects that is found in the little girl’s bedroom, or on her body or clothing. Just like the title says, it is counting backwards starting with the number ten. This book reinforces several different math concepts including number sense, recognition and counting. It also addresses shapes of the different objects and even spatial locations such as “down” and “around.”

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