The bridge of san luis rey, essay help

ESSAY PROMPTS: Choose one of the following:

  1. Explore the way/ ways in which the book looks closely at the situation of women in particular. This may relate to the Abbess, to Camila the Perichole, or to Doña María, or to a combination of all of their experiences.
  1. After reading the entire book, consider the introductory iteration and question at the heart of the novel: “either we live by accident and die by accident, or we live by plan and die by plan.” It may be useful to bring the last paragraph of the novel into your investigation.
  1. Investigate the different ways in which love is explored and portrayed in this novel (kinds of love, different people’s perspectives of love, or even the final idea about love and how that relates to understanding “truth”).
  1. In an interview, the author Wilder, said that he seeks “the mask under which human beings conceal their unhappiness.”  In The Bridge (Part 2: The Marquesa de Montemayor), we see this idea explored when he writes that “even the wisest people in the world are not perfectly wise and Madre Maria del Pilar who was able to divine the poor human heart behind all the masks of folly and defiance, had always refused to concede one to the Marquesa de Montemayor” (26).  Explore how a character (or characters) hides their “poor human heart” behind the “masks of folly and defiance.”
  1. This is open. If you have a particular question or idea you want to explore which relates to the book, feel free to do so.

GUIDELINES:  2 pages, double-spaced, total. No less, no more. Use Times New Roman font, 12 pt. One- inch margins, with a title that reflects your essay’s subject.  Your name should be in the top, either right or left justified. Do not include class information or date, as these will take up space. Be sure to provide evidence from the text that explains your reasoning. In other words, please use quotes from the book.  All essays must follow MLA style for in-text citations, have the pages numbered, and be stapled.  If you have questions about MLA style, please see the Owl at Purdue website: (链接到外部网站。)

Include your rubric, with a guiding question for me.

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