The depiction of the human form, FAS 202 writeup assignment help

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Need a paper written about Theme: The depiction of the human form.
Silver Surfer
Prince Jozef Poniatowski
Silver Surfer was painted in 1976 by Paul Mellia it was created during the superrealism period. It is currently located in the Chester, UK in the Watergate Street Gallery. The second work of art is Prince Jozef Poniatowski statue, created in 1817 and it is located in Warsaw Poland at the Presidential Palace. Created in the Neoclassicism period.
The two works represent a strong warrior ready for battle. Each work shows a man who is strong, confident and a leader as well.
The Prince statue represents the leader of a great army of the time during the French revolution. The Silver surfer represents a powerful subject of fighting for what he believes in.
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