the individualized behavior intervention plan, psychology homework help

you will focus on the individualized behavior intervention plan (BIP) with a focus on designing interventions based upon data collected using the Functional Behavior Assessment, or the Functional Behavior Analysis. You will discover the eight components necessary for the design of effective BIPs. And, the process of determining the “effectiveness” of your BIPs will be examined. Finally, you will explore the barriers to the implementation of BIPs in the classroom and ways to incorporate proactive, active, and reactive strategies of a universal design into classroom management. Make every effort to complete the reading beforehand so you are able to discuss the following:

  • Identify the eight components of a behavior intervention plan.
  • Explain how culture influences the design of behavior intervention plans (BIP).
  • Describe verbal and non-verbal strategies that can be applied in the classroom.
  • Describe several function-based behavior interventions that can be applied in the classroom.
  • Identify barriers to the development and implementation of BIPs in the classroom.

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