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Please I need help with this assignment, please look at the instructions and all I need is an outline for a 5 year plan. I appreciate the time and help.


You and your peers work for a career development agency and, because of your technical writing expertise, several of you have been asked to develop trifold brochures on a range of topics for distribution at an open house for college seniors who are approaching graduation and formalizing their career plans. 

Focus on considerations that will benefit a young person after graduation as he/she moves up the career ladder in your individual chosen field.  (If the career ladder includes graduate school, you can mention it briefly but only as the first step on the career ladder. Focus on the 5 years after.) Once hired, ask yourself:  What new skills or experiences can be gained at each job? Is there opportunity for advancement? Then ask yourself:  What activities should an employee on the rise undertake to make himself or herself even more valuable to the next employer?  Project a 5 year career ladder.

Since you will be writing about your own chosen field, this assignment will require you to think critically about your own past experience or future. It will also allow you to use your creativity, especially in regard to organization and formatting.


·  Ensure that you clearly understand the purpose before you begin.

·  Analyze and target the intended audience.

·  Identify the main sections of the brochure and develop them, using information that is appropriate for each.

·  Cite sources below only unique graphics; avoid citations within text but, if information is unique (such as statistics), include all ref info within a parenthetical citation. Do not use a reference page.

·  Ensure that the text of your brochure has a minimum of 750 words   (Do not include the cover.)

·  Identify yourself by including your name in reduced type on the bottom of the center back panel of the brochure.

·  You may use a Word documentor a Word or Publishertemplate but,if you do use sucha cut and paste template you will also need to cut and paste all the narrative sections into a single Word document (to enable the word count); in that case, you mustalso send the separate Word document to Bridges. 


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