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Intrinsically motivated people are motivated internally. Intrinsic motivation is derived from core beliefs and a self-concept. Motive are additive; the more reasons we can come up with that motivates a certain behavior the more likely we are to continue it (Huber, 2009). For example, my personal trainer is always entering figure competitions. At 57, a mother of six, and grandmother of three, she works internally to develop her skills in improving her physique with each competition. She is able to do this because she finds her personal accomplishment exciting. She is determined to improve her scores with each competition as it is what drives her internally.

To motivate someone who is intrinsically motivated I would explore what tasks they find interesting and derive satisfaction from performing it. People will be intrinsically motivated if they feel they are competent at the task and have autonomy, or control, over it. I’ve had certain CNA’s that excelled in nail care. They would meticulously trim file, and paint nails better than any manicurist. Other CNA’s want to work on certain halls doing certain tasks. Accommodating their requests is important for a leader/manager because they are likely to go the distance when it’s a hall or specific nurse they rather work with.

Extrinsic motivation comes from something produced that is tangible such as grades, money, medals etc. (Huber, 2009). I remember my parents giving me money for each A I brought home on a report card when I was in school. This tactic didn’t work well to motivate me at that age because it wasn’t something I valued, but today I value grades so I am motivated to do the best I can do.

To motivate an individual extrinsically I would offer a financial reward. Frequently CNA’s call off and we are short staffed. To reduce this, I would offer anyone who didn’t call off during the previous month to be entered into a drawing for a gift card for a certain value. Employee of the month and preferred parking can also be external motivating factors.

Characteristics of a performance-driven team include clear goals and expectation, diversity, effective communication, trust and ownership. Members of a performance-driven team are driven toward a common goal that defines individual responsibilities in response to the team objective. They are a diversified team offering a variety of skills and experiences that appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of each member by working in synergy. These team members are able to articulate and communicate in a concise way. They are able to communicate freely and express creative ideas to ensure that questions are raised before mistakes are made. This kind of team trusts one another in pulling their own weight to get the job done within the time frame. And finally these team members are empowered by a sense of ownership by what they produce as they have a stake in the overall success and outcomes (Huber, 2009).

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