The Most Significant Trends & Importance In Online Learning

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Topic 5: What do you feel are the most significant trends in online learning? Why are these important?

Distance learning provides the learner with accessibility, convenience, networking, and specialized topics. These advantages have increased the distant learning population. The industry has identified 7 major trends for this more personalized learning community. The first of those trends is that of certifying organizations increasing their role by classification and ranking of educational centers. This trend will become valuable for those of low-income, disabilities, or stay-at-home moms (Unger, J., 2018). Video content will replace text as the second trend on the rise (Riedel, C. 2014). Another trend is game learning. Complex concepts and testing knowledge becomes easier with gaming. A fourth trend communicated is microlearning, delivering material in short videos, small texts or visual materials (Greany, K., 2018). Augmented Realities (AR) is another trend we see discussed in the industry (Newman, D. 2017). AR allows enough to download the corresponding application on a device and helps understand the structure or functioning of objects. Introduced as the sixth trend is the adaptation of existing content to new challenges. Trainings become more personalized and tailored to specific needs. This cuts down on time and increased knowledge. The final trend is internal strength through social learning and mentoring. In this case the knowledge and experience of the community (Unger, J., 2018).

With the increase in the market of distant learning and the importance of innovation in that field the focus of learning and development has become vital. These trends and focused lenses are necessary and the life line for industries to sustain the the wave of technology immersement in our society. Those in the field of training or education will need to maintain a lense of digital learning evolution as it continuously evolves in order to provide a fast paced, accessible, personal learning experience that our society is seeking.


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