the security and International legal issues, law homework help

The project should be on an ongoing international security issue that is currently ongoing.!!!! it should be a project on 1 single case in 2016.

We discussed the security and International legal issues. Therefore, what is expected of you is your critical thinking and analysis now with proper research evidence.

The topic as stated should only up to date.

Which means that the references and sources should be also up to date as possible. Examine current cases seen from the point of view of security and strategy and combine some legal elements that may justify your research.

The format of the Paper will be examined on the following.

1. Meeting the CLOs. (1,2,3)
2. Structure your methodological approach based on current events.
3. Analysis Case analysis after a brief only arhival historical background.
4. Think that you are the advisor. And you have to report on a project through a current analysis on a running case within 2016.

It may be all cases of international security and or safety. It has to be international case. Not national and not local case.

1. War situations
2. Conflict situations
3. Environment
4. Future conflicts
5. Hybrid Warfare
6. UN ongoing negotiations
7. Peacekeeping operations (other than your exams)
8. Right of Self-defense.
9. Space policy

Important Note… only current cases within 2016, should be considered. Not past case. This means evidence should be as recent as possible. Use also the UN Charter when and where applicable or other legal sources to examine the case.

Per the presentation.

Please note that your presentation should be specific.

It should clearly stress and answer the

Why? you chose this topic
What will you prove?
How will you prove it?
in what capacity?
What will you learn from
What are the lessons learned from this?
What is the future?

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