The Texas constitution has been amended nearly 500 times.

According to this week’s readings, The Texas constitution has been amended nearly 500 times. Back in November of 2005, Texans went to the polls to vote on Proposition 2 to amend the Texas constitution. It was a measure aimed at prohibiting same-sex marriages in the state. Supporters of Proposition 2 wanted to ensure that the Texas constitution had provisions in place that would prevent future legislation supporting gay marriage. The measure passed. Nearly 76% of Texans voted in support of the proposition.

In 2015 case Obergefell v. Hodges the Supreme Court ruled that was marriage was a fundamental right guaranteed by all under the equal protection clause in the fourteenth amendment. This action made the Texas Constitutional amendment null. A Hood county clerk, Katie Lang refused to issue Licenses to same sex couple on the account of her religious beliefs. Attorney General K. Paxton also weighed in on the matter.

Is the Texas Constitution too specific? Should specific provisions like Proposition 2 even be added to a state constitution?Are amendments like this making our state constitution longer? What are your thoughts about the issue? Do you think Texas had the right to not allow same-sex marriages before and after the 2015 court case? How do you feel about Lang’s actions? How do you feel about Paxton’s actions? I also want to make the distinction among personal beliefs, fundamental rights and the actions of government. In other words, your answers to these questions can be mutually exclusive or don’t have to be connected. It is perfectly acceptable to have differing beliefs from one another, but please express them in an intelligent and respectful manner.

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