There Goes the Neighborhood Podcast Analysis

Please listen to the final episode of Season 2 of NPR’s There Goes the Neighborhood Podcast, “Shackled to the Market.” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

As you’ll hear, this is an episode dedicated to various proposed solutions to LA’s “housing crisis.” As you listen, please make a list of the solutions that are mentioned, as well as the objections to these solutions that are raised. You should end up with a page or two of notes, a list of solutions as well as the possible problems that these solutions could create in their turn.

Listen to these proposed solutions critically. Can you think of additional issues with these solutions? Concerns that aren’t raised? Are there other solutions that you can imagine which aren’t mentioned? Which proposed solution strikes you as the most convincing? Why?

(One further thing to consider: what kinds of groups are supporting what kinds of solutions? What kinds of groups are objecting to them? What are these different groups’ assumptions? Lastly, you could also consider the specific populations that different solutions are directed towards, the particular groups of people that different solutions think it’s most important to help….)

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