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Before you begin the paper, it will be useful to review the sections offered by the Purdue OWL (see How to MLA under Course Home) that pertain to planning and composing an essay. Not every word will be relevant for this particular analytic paper, but the strategies offered will prove valuable. Look particularly to the sections titled “Writing About Fiction” and “Writing About Literature.”

For this timed essay, please read “The Condition of Black Life Is One of Mourning” (链接到外部网站。)by Claudia Rankine. Become familiar with the terms and ideas in this essay. Keep the essay available to you as you work, you’ll need to specifically reference the text but be prepared to offer your own ideas and examples as you answer the essay question. The ultimate goal of the final Research Paper is your presentation of a position on a race-related issue in the U.S. based at least in part by our encounter with Ghettoside and The Homicide Report. We’re starting here with a discussion of how black lives are lived, lost, and seen, or not seen, in our culture as presented by Rankine.

The timed essay for Research Paper Part One is a bit less formal than the usual work required at the college level in that I do not expect the paper to be fully edited.

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