Topic 2 DQ 2- ojo

Please write a Paragraph answering to this discussion below with your opinion:

I very much enjoyed reading your post, and it caused me to reflect on my hands on nursing care. There are so many different cultures with different beliefs and views in regards to their health, and how to treat it. You have to be aware and understand the different customs and walk that fine line of honoring their beliefs and their ways of treating their disease/condition and the plan of treatment the Dr is recommending and I have run into that situation many times. The person, as a whole may include just themselves, the whole family or the leader in the family dynamic, and it must be respected. There are so many aspects to treating patients and being a nurse who can listen, empathize with their situation, and also help them to understand the disease processes in a way they can relate to. Our job and these many aspects that go along with it, show us we will always have room to grow in our learning and teaching abilities, and we never know “everything”.

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