Topic 4 DQ 1

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

Representative Karen Bass, APRN, D-Calif, plays a role as advocated for improving healthcare delivery by showing continuous support for every citizen to have access to healthcare, eliminating healthcare disparities and increasing technology within the health care (RBH, 2017).Due to her professional experience she can educate and inform congress of what is needed in the health care system.She continues to vote against each attempt to repeal the affordable care act up to date.She is against cutting benefits from Medicare. She aims to keep health decisions in the hands of the citizen, not insurances.Congress woman Bass continues to protect Medicaid recipients and secure the benefits to those who need it most.

Some specific bills Representative Bass has sponsored that has influenced healthcare are:

1.Introduced H. R. 1790:Health IT Modernization for underserved communities Act of 2013

2.Voted against recent Republican efforts to repeal health care reform

3.Co-sponsored H. R. 321:Firearm Safety and Public Health Research Act

4.Co-sponsored H. R. 485:National Nurse Act

5.Co-sponsored H. R. 728:Access to Birth Control Act

6.Co-sponsored H. R. 1830:Accelerating the end of Breast Cancer Act (RBH, 2017).


Representative Bass House (2017).Health care.Retrieved from

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