Topic 6 DQ 1

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

The financial aspect of the project would be hours spent trying to get nurses educated on the proposed changes that need to occur. It will require managers having to spend hours on how they will evaluate to ensure implementation of changes is occurring as they should. This takes more than one nurse or person to get this done. This requires more hours of pay, and that would be the financial aspect of the proposed project.

Now, the clinical aspect that has to be taken into account with developing the project would be how the nurses will accept the project. As lifelong learners, staff nurses continually encounter new knowledge of relevance to their patients. The conscientious nurse remains alert to clinical problems and encourages investigation into ways to improve patient outcomes (Di Lenoardi, 2014). The nurses need to be given the data that proves that these changes can improve the percentages of CLABSI’s. If given this data, they would be involved in the process of implementing as well. This project is to improve the quality outcome of patients and decrease the effects caused by hospital acquired infections.

All the aspects brought together will make a good impact on the project, I believe with the data given to the nurses, implementation and then follow up of results will show this is a great solution to help alleviate many readmissions and lengthened stays that patients have to endure. With the education provided on the importance of using the CLABSI’s bundles and the need for continued assessment to see if the patient still need the central line this will ultimately increases the quality of care. Improving quality in my facility is a priority, but if I can prove that these interventions are a success, then patients’ quality of care can be improved dramatically in all hospitals.


Di Lenoardi, B. C. (2014). Bringing evidence-based practice to life. Retrieved from

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