Topic 8 DQ 7

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

Statistical significance has to do with the likelihood that the research is true, such as the CVC checklist, the use of daily CHG baths and applying CUROS caps to all IV tubing, theses interventions will prevent and decrease CLABSI rates. Clinical significance is subjective interpretations of a research result as practical or meaningful for the patient or likely to affect the providers behavior (Thompson, 2017).

I could use clinical significance to support a positive outcome in my project by focusing on overall, primary goal of CLABSI prevention in ICU. Many frontline staff work hard to provide patients with high quality care, with further education and the guidance of a CVC checklist at hand, CLABSI rates will decrease and patient outcomes will be positive. The checklist is a tool that will be developed in my project to guide nurses on how to maintain, assess and evaluate CVC for necessary. This will also include a reminder for daily CHG baths and applying CUROS caps to all IV tubing.


Thompson, C. (2017). What is the difference between statistical significance and clinical significance? Retrieved from…

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